Armando Mendoza


Age: 35

Which class time do you usually attend? Faithful to the 6am!

How long have you been CrossFitting? I started Crossfit in May 2016.

How did you find CrossFit i1uvit? Moved to Lynden from eastern Washington October 2016, Yumar recommended i1uvit and the rest is history!

What is your athletic/fitness background (If applicable): Played Football, Basketball through high school and Tennis in college.

Favorite WOD: Helen

Favorite lift or movement: Squat Snatch

Least favorite WOD: Fran

Least favorite movement: Thrusters but I'm working on it.

Favorite life quote: "Most people want to avoid pain, and discipline is usually painful." ~ John Maxwell

Favorite “guilty pleasure” food: King Mahalo at Coconut Kenny's

How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle, and level of fitness? Crossfit completely changed my level of fitness! Every workout pushes me past what I used to think was my limit.

Who or what motivates/inspires you to keep coming back? Being able to work out and be surrounded by positive and encouraging people every single day!

What is your proudest CrossFit achievement? Ring and Bar Muscle Ups

Name one goal/personal achievement you would like to achieve through CrossFit: My next Crossfit goal is to be able to do butterfly pull ups.

Hobbies/Interests outside of CrossFit: Archery Hunting, Trail Running, Golf, Wildlife Photography, and Waterskiing to name a few.

Any advice for new members? Stick with it and push yourself!