Angie Mhyre


Age: 27
Occupation: Dental Assistant
Which class time do you usually attend? Monday & Wednesday 5:30, Friday 9:30 and open gym on Saturday
How long have you been CrossFitting? 3 years
How did you find CrossFit i1uvit? Our best friends Taryn and Mac started, and we couldn't resist giving it a try!
What is your athletic/fitness background? I really enjoyed weight training in high school.
Favorite WOD: I enjoy a strength session, whether it's squats, cleans or snatches, followed by a quick AMRAP with gymnastic bodyweight movements!
Favorite lift or movement: Butterfly Pull Ups or Hang Cleans
Least favorite WOD: Karen, aka 150 wall balls.
Least favorite movement: Thrusters or wall balls
Favorite life quote: "Timing is everything." (In life, and in CrossFit, be patient)
Favorite “guilty pleasure” food: Ummmm Duh!!! DONUTS!
How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle, and level of fitness? It has made so many changes in every aspects of my life. I am all around more active and healthy in my day to day. My lifestyle revolves more around fitness and how to properly fuel my body, instead of just eating because I have to.... that DOES NOT mean I don't over indulge from time to time... remember, I do love donuts!!
Who or what motivates/inspires you to keep coming back? My husband and all of our i1uvit fam! Each and every one of them is an inspiration in one way or another!
What is your proudest CrossFit achievement? Probably the night I got my Deadlift PR over 200lbs
Name one goal/personal achievement you would like to achieve through CrossFit? I would really like to work toward being able to get muscle ups this year!!
Hobbies/Interests outside of CrossFit? Spending time with friends, family and my hubby... and of course traveling!
Any advice for new members? Remember to keep working toward your goals. Even if you have a setback or a "crappy WOD", there's always tomorrow!
Any additional thoughts/shout-outs/comments: i1uvit has been nothing but a blessing for the last three years, and I really can't imagine life without it or the people it has brought into our lives!